Executive Committee Application

Hillel at Penn State is looking to appoint four ambitious students to the 2022 Executive Committee. The goals of this community are to:

  • Engage diverse Jewish students
  • Create generalized and specialized community at Hillel
  • Ensure student voices are heard by staff and student leadership
  • Organize religious and cultural initiatives throughout the year (e.g., High Holidays)
  • Oversee leadership and coordinate professional programming for over 200 student leaders in Hillel
  • Run the Jewish Programming Allocation Committee (JewPAC) and award students microgrants for personalized Jewish experiences
  • Represent the Jewish voices to University Park and Commonwealth campus leadership, administration and student affairs, and the at-large student body at Penn State
  • Sit on the Board of Directors for Hillel at Penn State

Having a position on the Executive Committee is extremely honorable. Students should come to the committee already having strong leadership qualities, along with an openness to learning the Hillel leadership philosophy and a willingness to go beyond the prescribed responsibilities.

It is also crucial that students allocate the necessary time to being a part of the committee. Student executives are expected to attend two meetings per week, most Shabbat dinners and holiday programming, and event setup for major Holidays.

Four positions are up for application, including:

  • President: The leader who oversees Jewish student life, leadership, professional programming, and communication at Hillel. This leader also acts as a diplomat for Hillel.
  • Vice President: The leader who oversees Jewish student life and engagement efforts at Hillel, like the ambassadors program (i.e.,a committee focused on event planning and community building). This leader also aids the president with their responsibilities and diplomacy
  • Treasurer: The leader responsible for the community finances. Also a co-leader for the JewPAC microgrant program.
  • Secretary: The leader responsible for note-taking and organization for the board. Also a co-leader for the JewPAC microgrant program.

Below is the official application for the 2022 Hillel Executive Committee. It will open the week of October 4 and will close November 1st at 11:59pm. This is the first step in our appointment process, and will be followed by an interview [in-person or via zoom] for qualified and diligent applicants. Invitation to interview will be sent shortly after the closing of the application. If invited to interview, applicants must schedule their interviews by November 5th at 11:59pm.

If you have any questions about the executive committee or application process, contact Jackie Stochel (e: jfs6039@psu.edu)