Hillel Leadership Fellowship

The Hillel Leadership Fellowship is designed to equip student leaders with the leadership skills they need to enrich Penn State and the world. As part of the HLF, students receive an in-depth leadership assessment portfolio from a nationally renowned business consultation form, will engage with influential Penn State Jewish alumni, and participate in a semester-long leadership curriculum.  Apply below!


  • Applicants must be available during the spring 2017 to participate in the Fellowship.
  • Applicants must hold a leadership position on campus.
  • Applicants must demonstrate leadership skills, a desire to impact the Penn State community, and to deepen their connection to Judaism.
  • Applicants commit to a day-long kick-off on February 12th and two hour meetings each month. Below is the meeting Schedule:

February 12th- Kickoff Meeting

February 15- Defining Values as an Individual: What do I Believe in?

March 22- Conflict: How to Have Difficult Conversations

April 5- Competing Commitments: Deciding Between Things That You Value

What you get:

  • A leadership assessment portfolio: We’ve arranged for Bartell and Bartell, a nationally renowned consulting company, to provide a leadership assessment for each participant. Usually only available to professionals and executives, Penn State Hillel has arranged to pay the cost of this training for each Fellowship participant.
  • Monthly gatherings with influential Jewish alumni and high-ranking University officials: Each month, the Fellowship will gather to listen and learn from influential Jewish alumni across all professional sectors and high-ranking University officials on different subjects of leadership and community.
  • The opportunity to lead sessions and learn more about how to be a strong facilitator
  • Monthly networking opportunities: At these gatherings, you’ll have the opportunity to sit with and learn from other Fellows and to be connected to other opportunities on campus.


  • Applications must be submitted by February 3rd
  • Leadership Assessment Portfolios must be completed by February 5th in order to be ready for the kick-off.

Please direct questions to Leah Chakoff, Director of Leadership Initiatives at lec17@psu.edu or Rob France, Assistant Director at rlf18@psu.edu.

Hillel Leadership Fellowship

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  • Please include your leadership strengths, current involvements, personal aspirations for the next five years, and where you seek to see life on campus in the next five years. 500 Word Maximium
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