Israel Learning Fellowship Survey

This survey is for those who participated in the fall session of ILF.

Class List:

  • Israel for you – reflection on Israel and Zionism
  • Israel History (Ancient and Modern)
  • Israel politics (and Mizrachi Jews)
  • The code of Israelis – The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
  • The Conflict (Wednesday)
  • 60’s Israeli music
  • Guest speaker (Wednesday) – Avezu Fanta: Experiences as Ethiopian Jew
  • Guest speaker (Thursday) – Nitzan Ben Shaya: Israel National Trail
  • Guest speaker (Wednesday) – Israel Fellows panel (with Doron, Anni, and Michal)
  • Guest speaker (Thursday) – Tanya Mordkovich – Israeli Art

ILF 2020 Survey

This is an ANONYMOUS survey to share your experience in ILF this fall. Please help us continue to improve this program!
  • Only rank the classes you attended this semester.