Tully Keren

Title: Jewish Agency Israel Fellow

Tully grew up in the center of Israel with two main passions: psychology and art. She attended a high school for the arts where she found her passion for visual arts. This ultimately led her to her role of photographer in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). After her release from her mandatory service, Tully enrolled at Tel Aviv University where she graduated with a BA in Social Work. Since her childhood, Tully has always been involved in her community from being an Israeli Scout and her time as a soldier, then volunteering to be a part of a Birthright Israel group. During her studies at TAU, Tully worked in different practice programs where she gained experience working with various groups of people from diverse backgrounds. These programs included: a mentoring program for women in distress, dialysis daycare clinic in a general hospital and a community mental health clinic.  Also while attending University, Tully worked at a start-up company as video content editor. In her spare time, Tully enjoys spending time with her family and friends; she enjoys live music and days at the beach (she is, after all, a Tel Avivi). Feel free to reach out to Tully with any questions regarding Israel and Jewish life at Penn State!