Challah For Hunger

 Challah For Hunger at Penn State

Challah For Hunger brings people together to bake and sell challah in effort to raise funds and awareness for social justice causes by:

Giving Globally: Chapters donate half the proceeds to support national or global organizations fighting hunger. We partner with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger to raise funds for hunger relief.

Giving Locally: Each chapter works to make a difference in its local community. Chapters donate half the proceeds to a local organization making a big impact in the community.

Opportunities to Get Involved: 

Executive Board applications are now open! The board term will begin next semester (spring 2018) and will continue until fall 2018. We are encouraging everyone to apply, no experience necessary! We love passionate and forward thinking students ready to take our organization to the next level. Click here to apply!

Challah for Hunger bakes on a bi-weekly basis in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, on campus. Bakes are open to everyone, and do not require you to have any prior cooking skills. Many students bake to distress from a busy week, or just for fun, and strive to create a fun and laid back environment.

We also distribute in the Pasquerilla  Spiritual Center on a bi-weekly basis from 11am-2pm.

Stay Connected! 

2017-2018 Executive Board Members

  • President:  Rebecca Fine
  • Vice President:  Jenna Bailin
  • Secretary: Matt Hampel
  • Baker Overseer: Rachel Rubinstein
  • Outreach: Caren Levin