CLOSED – Data Coordinator Intern

Job Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. The Engagement Data Coordinator is responsible for the uploading and maintenance of our engagement tracking system. The data coordinator is responsible for leading the mass import of student information into REACH, and logging the event attendance and individual coffee dates of students and staff into REACH.
  2. The Engagement Data Coordinator meets with the Assistant Director one time a week to review progress, address challenges, and create weekly action plans to assist with the uploading and maintenance of our engagement data base.
  3. The Engagement Data Coordinator works on average four to five hours a week to facilitate accurate engagement measurement.
  4. The Engagement Data Coordinator commits to maintaining the privacy of our students’ personal information – cell phone numbers, e-mails, etc.
  5. The Engagement Data Coordinator keeps and maintains a weekly hour sheet. This can be submitted electronically or in person.

Hillel Staff Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. You can expect me to be prepared, engaged, and thoughtful in our meetings.
  2. You can expect me to keep our meetings sacred; they are a time for us to problem solve together and ensure you get the support that you need.
  3. You can expect me to keep your job description consistent; while it may change on the edges, the core of your job will be to clean up our current data input system on Google Docs, to upload it to REACH, and to add information as it comes along.
  4. You can expect to receive the training you need to do your job well; this includes basic training in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and REACH. Additional trainings may be required as the job develops.

Email Resume to Penn State Hillel Assistant Director: Robyn Markowitz Lawler at