Falon’s Chicken Soup Hotline

Falon’s Chicken Soup Hotline is a student-led, volunteer initiative that delivers hot matzo ball soup to sick students, at no cost.  Students have the option of chicken or vegetarian matzo ball soup and each order comes with kosher cough drops and pocket-sized tissues as well!

Falon’s Chicken Soup Hotline is closed for the semester. Good luck on finals!

Order & Deliveries:

  • Please make sure your soup orders are submitted before 3:00pm if you’d like the soup to be delivered that night. Any soup orders submitted after 3:00pm or during the weekend will be delivered on the next soup delivery evening.
  • Our student deliverers can only deliver to your soup recipient if they receive a confirmation text of address and delivery time BEFORE 4:00pm. If your soup recipient responds after 4:00pm, their delivery will be made the following day. Please make sure your student’s phone number you’ve listed on your order form is correct!
  • Soups will be delivered during the academic year by our student volunteers Monday through Thursday between 5:00pm and 8:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE – We do NOT deliver the following days/times: 

  • Friday – Sunday
  • Jewish, Secular, or University holidays
  • Winter & Spring Break
  • During the summer months

*If it is not convenient for the soup to be delivered in the evenings, you may make arrangements to pick up the soup at Hillel from 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Thursday.

Would you like to deliver with Falon's Chicken Soup Hotline as a Wellness Intern?
Please contact our advisor Brooke at bsinger@pennstatehillel.org.

Support Soup!
If you would like to make a gift to support our programming and Falon’s Chicken Soup Hotline, please click here.