Message to Alumni

As a graduate of Penn State University, you know that PSU alumni stay passionately loyal to their university.  Whether your loyalty shines during football season, or that moment you pass someone in a Penn State hat at the airport, Penn State pride runs deep.

Just as you support us by sharing stories and photos of your time on campus, we want to support you. If you are alum that want to stay connected to what is happening on campus, help build an alumni community in your neighborhood, or just want to know what other Jewish Penn Staters are up to, we want to help you.

Please visit our Connecting Alumni page to explore the ways you can get involved and stay connected.

If you have questions or would like to connect with us, please contact Stefanie Tapper, Director of Development, at [email protected]

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Graduate Update

Where are you headed after graduating? Let us know here so we can stay in touch!
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