Host Your Own: JewPAC

Jewish Programming Allocation Committee (JewPAC)

JewPAC is a micro-grant program to help fund and support students to plan and create Jewish experiences at Penn State. Students can apply for funding through the form below. In the era of COVID-19, all University guidelines and social distancing/mask wearing behaviors must be followed during JewPAC events. Due to the rise in positive COVID-19 cases, JewPAC events are restricted to those within your household or apartment (only your roommates).

Q: What kinds of experiences can be sponsored by JewPAC?

A: Ultimately, JewPAC funding can go toward anything that inspires your Jewish values or strengthens the Jewish community. This includes (but is not limited to) meals to celebrate the holidays or Shabbat, Jewish discussions, Israel programming, and other religious/cultural experiences. For a more complete list of ideas, click here.

Q: How do students participate in JewPAC?

A: In order to have your event reimbursed, you will need to complete the following:

  • Fill out the request form on the Penn State Hillel website (NOTE: this must be done no later than 48-hours before your event/experience)
  • Wait for approval from the student executive committee
  • Execute your experience and be prepared to submit the following items to Hillel:
    • A high-quality photo with everyone at your event
    • An attendance sheet (we will provide you a template)
    • An itemized receipt (i.e., a receipt that lists each item you ordered and its individual price)
  • Submit an evaluation form after your event to secure your reimbursement

Q: What restrictions on what I can purchase with JewPAC? 

A: The costs of alcoholic beverages will not be covered by JewPAC. All purchased must also be kosher-style. Please review our Kosher statement below.

Q: Should I stay within a certain price range?

A: We may not approve requests outside of this price bracket (and please be sure to consider tip in these brackets):

  • 2-10 people = $15 per person
  • 11-24 people = $12 per person
  • *25-50 people = $10 per person
  • *51-75 people = $8 per person

If you have questions, contact the executive board at


As a Jewish organization, we strongly encourage upholding and teaching Jewish values throughout our community. Because of this, we ask that your food be kosher style. Kosher-style usually refers to food that is kosher but is not necessarily labeled with a kosher symbol. Generally, kosher style food does not include meat from forbidden animals, such as pigs or shellfish, and does not contain both meat (including poultry) and dairy (ex:  milk, butter, milk chocolate).

Disclaimer of Responsibility:
Neither Penn State Hillel, nor their Board of Directors, employees, interns or volunteers assume any responsibility for any illness, injury or death due to the violation of social distancing guidelines during a JewPAC program. Individuals who apply for JewPAC funding assume full responsibility for their event and guests attending the event. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to adhere to all social distancing guidelines as well as their guests and attendees. Penn State Hillel reserves the right for non-payment of an event if the social distancing guidelines put for the by the Governor of Pennsylvania, and/or The Pennsylvania State University are not followed or violated in any way.