Host Your Own: JewPAC

Jewish Programming Allocation Committee Rules and Info

Before signing up for a JewPAC program fill out this form by clicking here

Penn State Hillel’s Jewish Programming Allocation Committee (JewPAC) is a student-run initiative devoted to promoting Jewish life across campus by strengthening the community and helping students create their own meaningful experiences.

JewPAC is Penn State Hillel’s version of the Undergraduate Programming Allocation Committee (UPAC). We are here to make all of your Jewish programming dreams come true. Any and all programming ideas are welcome. This is meant to allow students to create the programming they want to experience in a space convenient for them.

Sign up for the Program:

  1. Fill out the JewPAC Program Request Form
  2. Plan your program and have fun!

*You will receive a confirmation of your submission within 72 hours. Please save ALL of your receipts and remember to take pictures of your event!

What happens after the Program:

  1. Fill out the JewPAC Program Evaluation Form on within 24 hours of your event. This includes an attendee list, picture of the event, and brief description of your event.
  2. Make sure the information is inputted correctly or we cannot reimburse you.
  3. Include a picture of your receipt. If you do not provide some form of your receipt (either the actual receipt or a picture of it), we will not reimburse you.
  4. Include a high-resolution picture of everyone in attendance at your event.
  5. You will get an email from Lori Thompson-Given, Penn State Hillel’s Director of Operations, as soon as your reimbursement is ready.


Submit Shabbat Requests by 12pm on Friday

No alcohol will be funded.

We will only provide funding for Kosher/Kosher Style Food (please see Kosher statement below for more information)

Must be a minimum of 2 people.

Try to keep your pricing within the following ranges:

  • 2-10 people = $10 per person
  • 11-25 people = $8 per person
  • 25-50 people = $7 per person
  • 51-75 people = $6 per person
  • 75+ people = $5 per person

If advertising, please include Penn State Hillel’s Logo.

You must provide at least one photo of everyone in attendance at your event to be fully reimbursed for your program. All pictures must be high resolution. 

If ordering an item such as stickers or clothing, please send a design to

Keep all of your receipts to ensure reimbursement.

Your Experience
Holiday experience
  • Have your own traditions that you would like to bring to Penn state? Use JewPAC funding for your own unique holiday experiences, whether you want to fry latkes or celebrate Tu B’shvat in the woods, JewPAC can help make any holiday experience special.
Shabbat experience
  • If you would prefer to have smaller, more intimate Shabbat experiences, or large, robust dinners, JewPAC is here to make that happen. Students have hosted 10 people in an apartment for Shabbat and others have gathered 100+ people on a sorority floor. Whatever makes Shabbat special for you, Hillel can help.
Jewish conversations
  • The world is evolving every day! If there are timely topics you’d like to unpack with your friends, Jewpac can help you organize a Jewish conversation complete with appropriate sources and staff support.
  • Examples: Jewish law, LGBTQA issues, love and friendship, leadership, and more!
Cultural experience
  • Jewish culture is rich and diverse! Want to watch an Israeli film with friends? Try your hand at cooking Moroccan Jewish meal? Visit a museum in a nearby city that’s hosting a special exhibit that focuses on Jewish life and culture? JewPAC can help!
  • Do you have another idea for a Jewish experience? Let Hillel help you create an amazing program with JewPAC funding!

Kosher Statement

As a Jewish organization, we strongly encourage upholding and teaching Jewish values throughout our community. Because of this, we ask that your food be kosher style. Kosher style usually refers to food that is kosher but is not necessarily labeled with a kosher symbol. Generally, kosher style food does not include meat from forbidden animals, such as pigs or shellfish, and does not contain both meat (including poultry) and dairy (ex:  milk, butter, milk chocolate).

Our Promise

We will respond to your submission within 72 hours of sending receipt of submission.

We will review all applications on a case by case basis so if you have any ideas at all, please feel free to apply!

We will help you in anyway that you need or want.

Applications are available on the JewPAC Program Request Page.

Please feel free to contact the Executive Board with any questions, comments, or concerns at