We are the foundation for Jewish campus life at Penn State. With approximately 5,000 Jewish students at the University, we recognize that Jewish students have a wide array of interests. Our calendar includes social, cultural, religious and educational activities, taking advantage of all that the Penn State campus has to offer — residence halls, theatre, athletics, classrooms, museums, etc…

Penn State University brings in a diverse population that is culturally alive and vibrant. The campus has close to 5,000 Jewish undergraduate and graduate students, as well as many faculty and staff members that are involved in the Jewish community. Through the Jewish community, students can find social outlets, religious learning, and service opportunities.

Above all, we are here to serve the Jewish student body at our amazing University. Penn State Hillel strives to be everything and anything that a Jewish Penn Stater wants it to be. Let us know what that is!

We hope to here from you and see you soon!