Emerging Leaders Program

The Hillel Emerging Leaders Program is a six-week series focused on giving undergraduate Jewish students the skills to become successful leaders on campus and once they graduate from college. The sessions for Emerging Leaders take place on Mondays from 5-6pm starting February 14 and ending March 28. The schedule of this program is as follows:

Week 1 (Feb. 14): Introduction to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Week 2 (Feb. 21): Consciousness of Self Part I: Building Self-Awareness and Motivation
Week 3 (Feb. 28): Consciousness of Self Part II: Managing Your State and Outlook
Week 4 (Mar. 14): Consciousness of Others Part I: Navigating Relationships,
Communication, and Conflict
Week 5 (Mar. 21): Consciousness of Others Part II: Acting with Empathy in Leadership
Week 6 (Mar. 28): Consciousness of Environment: Serving and Affecting Community 

The program will also give you the opportunity to connect with current Jewish leaders at Penn State, and form bonds with students you take the program with. 

Below is an interest form for this program. It will be due by February 4th at 11:59pm and must be filled out in order to secure a spot in the program. Please contact Jackie Stochel (jfs6039@psu.edu) if you have any questions or issues regarding the interest form or its deadline.