Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Challah Bake

Come to the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center from 5-10:00 on October 12th for our next challah bake! This week, proceeds from our bake will go to Breast Cancer Research!
This weeks flavors will be plain, chocolate chip and Pink Funfetti!
If you would like to order a challah click HERE:
The distribution will be held on Friday October 13th from 11:00-1:00 in the Pasq. You will be able to pick up your challahthen.
As always, if you are interested in baking, you DO NOT have to stay the whole time. We understand you have other obligations as well so please stay however long you are comfortable with. Any hedlp is much appreciated!
Although we do not charge for challahs since we distribute on campus, we highly encourage and accept donations.  We accept cash and Paypal (credit card)!
We can’t wait to see you all on Thursday! The challah will taste amazing. You won’t be disappointed!