Memory in the Living Room (Zikaron Basalon)

Lions for Israel is proud to announce we will be holding a Yom Hashoah event this year! Yom Hashoah is a day to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust. We will be hosting Werner Szydlow, a Holocaust survivor and the grandfather of one of our members, in the form of a Zikaron Basalon over zoom.
Werner Szydlow was born in Antwerp and was separated from his family during the third raid on the city. Shortly after, he was put into hiding inside an orphanage with other Jewish children.

Zikaron Basalon means “memory in the living room” and was created in Israel after Adi Altschuler, 27, understood that there was a need for different ways for young adults to find their place in commemorating the holocaust on the official memorial day, in an innovative, meaningful and respectful way which is also very real. Since 2012 Zikaron Basalon has been held in dozens of homes, and in 2013 it expanded even beyond Israel’s borders.