Purim Drag Show

Join Hillel International and people all over the nation for a student-run Purim celebration unlike any other. Prepare to hear the story of Purim being told by the performers of drag like you have never heard it before! This event is free to attend.

Optional donations and tipping during the show will benefit the Jewish LGBTQ+ organization JQ International.

This event has kindly been cosponsored by:

JQ International | UIUC Student Organization Resource Fee | Hillel International | American University Hillel | Columbia/Barnard Hillel | Illini Hillel | Johns Hopkins Hillel | Metro-Chicago Hillel | Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU | Queen’s Hillel | Rutgers Hillel | Hillel at UCLA | Santa Barbara Hillel | North Carolina Hillel | The University of Wisconsin Hillel Foundation | Vassar Jewish Union | Wellesley College Hillel | Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish life at Yale University