Ten-Feet Tall: Elevating Empathy with Brandon Farbstein

“Whose life are you living, and what are you going to do now?” Join Gen Z activist, motivational speaker, and author, Brandon Farbstein for an empowering conversation on inclusion, activism, and awareness. Brandon will share his story and answer your questions.

Brandon Farbstein is a 21 year old global empowerment speaker who inspires millions with his mission to elevate empathy. Diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism and standing at 3’9”, Brandon has transformed his isolation into empowerment and impact. Whether sharing his universal message with youth, transforming perspectives with his book Ten Feet Tall, or partnering with companies like Facebook, HP, and Marriott, Brandon delivers tools to audiences of all ages to shatter limiting beliefs and elevate their mindset. Brandon continues to break barriers and pave the way for people who often feel invisible. He recently made his runway debut at New York Fashion Week wearing Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive and has become a sought-after voice for inclusion around the world.