Israel American Council | National Conference

This weekend is the Israel American Council National Conference in Washington DC. We’re sending 4 students there to experience influential thought leaders, industry experts, senior political figures, diplomatic figures, community leaders, prominent journalists and more. This inspiring gathering will explore Israeli-American and Jewish identity, bring together the Israeli-American and Jewish communities for deep dive discussions, and will yield takeaways that will help us, together, to strengthen Israel and our communities.

The IAC National Conference offers participants the opportunity to engage and select from a variety of programs; plenaries, breakout sessions, interactive workshops, and facilitated discussions specifically tailored to meet the various interests of our community members and audience.

The conference will bring to life topics like philanthropy, community building, Israel, Israeli-American-Jewish hybrid identity, innovation and leadership.

Here is a little about the 3 of the 4 students attending IAC:
Dan Yosipovitch
Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Hometown: Miami FL
What are your plans for IAC at Penn State? Recruit new members and help coordinate and organize events and meet ups for the group.
Why do you want to go the the conference in DC? I want to learn more about Mishelanu, a subgroup of IAC for first generation Israeli-Americans, and meet other kids from campuses across the country. The conference is a great opportunity to develop methods on how to represent Israel on campus, listen to policy experts from both sides of the political spectrum and connect to my Israeli-American identity.

Alon Sidel
Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland.
What are your plans for IAC at Penn State? For me, Mishelanu is about bringing Israel to campus. I really want to bring together Israeli and Israeli-American students at Penn State.
Why do you want to go the the conference in DC? I want to go to the conference because I want ideas for what to do with IAC! Also, as an Israeli-American it’s fun talking to people who grew up like me!

Ariel Sagie
Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Originally from Israel- I lived there until 2008, then moved to the Bay Area in California.
What are your plans for IAC? I hope to plan events on Penn State campus that educate other students about Israel’s incredible contributions to society, especially targeting students who have minimal knowledge about Israel, and are too afraid to ask to learn more.
Why do you want to go the the conference in DC? The main reason I am attending IAC is to strengthen my connection with Israel and the Israeli-American community. I am extremely lucky to call the special nation of Israel my home, and I am excited to take advantage of this opportunity to meet other Israelis and Israeli-Americans who feel the same way.