JewPAC Options

Conversation about Jewish perspectives regarding sports 

Get a group of friends together to watch the game. Judaism has a long and interesting history discussing sports. Click here for a source sheet and host a guided conversation on Jewish views on sports.

Wings and wisdom

Buy some food for your fraternity, sorority, or friend group. How do you connect to Judaism? Do you express your Judaism through a connection to food? To humor? To their family? Click here for a guided conversation on different expressions of Jewish identity!

Jews and tattoos/Other taboo subjects

It’s okay if you tell your bubbe (grandmom) about your tattoo! Get a group of friends together to talk about some widespread taboos embedded in Jewish culture. Click here for a guided conversation.

Jews and the afterlife

Have you ever wondered what Jews believe about the afterlife? Maybe your friends have, too. Have Hillel sponsor a group conversation on this deep topic. Here is a good place to start!

Jewish views on sex and intimacy

Jews have been having open and honest conversations about sex and intimacy for thousands of years. Let’s make talking about sex normal, safe, and comfortable. If the sages can talk about sex, so can we! Click here for some examples.

Jewish views on G-d

Why not talk about the BIG QUESTIONS?  Do you believe in G-d? Do you have to believe in G-d to be Jewish? Why am I not using the ‘o’ in G-d? Build a JewPAC around questioning G-d! Here is a good place to start!

Conversation about interfaith relationships

Interfaith relationships can be Jewish relationships! Let’s celebrate the healthy relationships in our lives. Click here for a source sheet about progressive views about interfaith relationships.

Social Justice

Hillel would love to support your social justice initiative. Whatever the cause, it is a Jewish value to care for and support your community. Click here for some traditional Jewish sources that can help set the tone for your social justice or volunteer event!