Passover Gift Baskets

At Penn State Hillel we know how hard it can be to be away from home during the Jewish Holidays. This year we are bringing a piece of home to campus! We invite our friends, families, and loved ones to order a special Passover Basket for your Penn State student! These Passover Baskets are a symbol of ma’ot hitten. In the tradition of ma’ot hitten, communities would gather to give wheat to needy Jews so they could take it to the mill and make matzah for Passover. The essence of ma’ot hittin is to show concern for others’ spiritual well-being and to provide them with the necessary resources to participate in Jewish life!

What’s in the basket? Passover flash tats & stickers, 10 plagues trinkets, Passover 101, macaroons, AND chocolate covered matzo!

Send over a go-to kit to celebrate a traditional Passover by filling out the form below. Each basket is $18 and 100% of the proceeds will go back to Penn State Hillel so we can continue to provide innovative programming to the students at Penn State.

This is a Student Life Committee Project. The order form will open Sunday, April 1 and remain open through Thursday, April 5. Deliveries will take place throughout the week of Passover. This will be done in partnership with the chicken soup hotline. Deliveries will be done by SLC & Chicken soup interns.

Please note: the Chicken Soup Hotline will shut down from Friday, March 30 – Monday, April 9.