Tips and Tricks To Get You Through Finals:

1. Channel your inner Beyonce: 

Exams have NOTHING on us. 

2. Prepare a boatload of snacks

Food is fuel. Food that is fuel is probably supposed to be healthier than what’s pictured above but lets be real…. its finals week and the only thing getting us through is that extra bag(s) of Doritos. 

3. Craft a solid playlist. 

Pop those headphones in and pretend you’re at Hogwarts. Nothing gets your prepared for an exam like Harry Potter and some dinosaurs (we don’t get that part either but the point is HARRY). 

4. Get organized.

Organization is key. Make a plan – prepare a schedule for yourself, organize your studying material, and get to work!

5. Check out these helpful study hacks

6. Visit Hillel for that extra motivational support (and that extra cup of coffee).

Good news – we do care about you and we do have coffee. Stop by the Pasquerilla Center anytime for a little pick-me-up.

7. Schedule time for sleep.

Never-ever has an overnight study sesh helped anyone.