Want to play a role at this year’s Passover Seder?

As Passover is quickly approaching us we are looking for people who would be interested in leading our various Seders. We are currently looking for leaders for the following Seder’s (all are on the 22nd of April):

  • Traditional Seder

  • On one Foot (an abridged version of a traditional Passover Seder)
  • Freedom Seder (a Seder focusing on social justice and the Passover theme of Freedom)
  • LGBTQA Seder (a Seder focusing on issues relevant to the LGBTQA community)
  • Woman/ Feminist  themed Seder (A Seder with an emphasis on feminist themes in the Passover story).
  • Any other Seder you’re interested in leading!

If interested please respond back to hillel@psu.edu with your name and which Seder you are interested in leading.